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Hi, I'm your neighbor and Kenosha County Board Supervisor for District #11

What is the County Board?

The County Board of Supervisors is the legislative branch of the county government and operates under powers granted by the state legislature. Those powers are listed in Chapter 59 of the state statutes and include the authority to establish the annual county budget and set the property tax rate for county purposes. The County Board creates county policy, approves expenditures and generally serves as the governing body of the county government. 

  • Human Services Committe (Chair)
    All matters relating to community health, aging services, Brookside, the public welfare, child support, the Office of the Medical Examiner and the Department of Human Services which are to come before the County Board shall be referred to the Human Services Committee. MCKC02 (
  • Executive Committee
    All matters relating to strategic planning for the greater good of Kenosha County and other matters as deemed necessary and proper by the County Board Chair shall be referred to the Executive Committee. MCKC02 (
  • Legislative Committee (2022-23)
    All matters relating to the polices and rules of procedure of the County Board, intergovernmental relations, intergovernmental communications, pending or proposed legislation, the Office of the Corporation Counsel and other governmental matters which are to come before the County Board shall be referred to the Legislative Committee.
  • Public Works and Facilities Committee (Vice Chair)
    1. All matters relating to highways, roads, dams, parks, recreation, and the Department of Public Works which are to come before the County Board shall be referred to the Public Works and Facilities Committee. 2. The Committee shall have the powers of a county park commission as defined in Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 27 and the powers of the county highway committee as defined in Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 83. 3. The Committee shall have the power to adopt rules and regulations for the administration of County Parks as set forth in section 10.02 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County. 4. All matters relating to major repairs, remodeling, expansion, construction, demolition, purchase, sale, or lease of all county-owned buildings and grounds, including Kemper Center and the Historical Society which are to come before the County Board shall be referred to the Public Works and Facilities Committee. MCKC02 (
  • Youth in Governance Mentor
    The Kenosha County Board of Supervisors created the Kenosha County Youth In Governance (YIG) program in 2007. The purpose of the Youth In Governance program is to create a model of youth empowerment within Kenosha County, through direct participation in local government. The overall goal is to bring the youth voice to community issues and concerns while fostering the development of confident, independent, and motivated youth leaders. Youth in Governance – Extension Kenosha County ( The Mentor position is critical to the success of the Youth in Governance Program...The mentors ensure that the youth selected to serve receive the full benefits from participation including: Youth Voice and Representation, Community Improvement, Positive Youth Development, and Civic Development. (source: YIG Handbook 23-24)

In The News

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Small Businesses

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Zach understands the importance of protecting the families, homes, and businesses in our community. As a county board supervisor he will advocate for resources to support law enforcement and fight Kenosha County’s increasing theft and violence.
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Zach knows that families and businesses are still recovering from the effects of the coronavirus. Parents have had to navigate ever-changing pandemic restrictions while businesses have had to adapt to closures, mandates and employee shortages. As a business owner Zach understands that small business is the backbone of our economy, and he will advocate for programs and policies that support economic recovery while safely getting people back to work and back on track.
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Zach is determined to improve the fiscal management of the county and will seek out waste and needless spending wherever it hides. As the owner of a debt-free company, Zach takes this topic seriously and will ensure best practices are followed. Zach believes every dollar spent should bring value to the county and will focus on ways to cut spending and heavy taxation while still increasing revenue to fund the County’s needs.

Where do I vote?

Visit My Vote Wisconsin to register to vote, request an absentee ballot or find your polling place

Election Day is April 2nd 2024!

About Zach


Zach Stock is an entreprenuer who started his lawn care company at 14 years old by pushing his mower around the Forest Park neighborhood. 15 years later, he owns and operates a top-rated, award-winning business that continues to grow each year.

Zach enjoys spending time with friends and family, riding his bike throughout Kenosha's lakefront and various trails, visiting local county dog parks with his rescue Gravley, and shopping at locally owned businesses throughout Kenosha.

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Zach is very active in the community and frequently works with non-profits such as Sleep in Heavely Peace, God's Kitchen and others throughout Kenosha to address food scarcity, bedlessness, and other needs to help affect change in our county for the better!

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